Istanbul Gelisim Universitesi

Istanbul Gelisim University is a non-profit foundation university which was established in 2008 by the Gelisim Foundation. Our Vocational School was established and started education according to annexe 2 of the law 2547 issued by the Council of Ministers on 14/07/2008 on paper 17261 issued on 08/07/2008 by the Ministry of National Education. On the law dated 17/02/2011 and numbered 6114 “Istanbul Gelişim University” was established and continues its educational activities with 3 Faculties, 3 Institutes, 4 Schools and 1 Vocational School. With its 25 thousand local students and 2000 international students, Istanbul Gelisim University creates the conditions for quality education. For ten years the University has been sending off intellectually informed graduates as individuals who are qualified to think for themselves and are able to monitor and analyze developments in the world. The university is proud to be an integrated intellectual community of researching students and teachers who believe in life-long education. The Departments have a tradition of studies, using advanced technologies and a multidisciplinary approach to research.

The following subjects are included in the study area of our university; expertise in inclusive education policies, theories and practices, design of learning modules and tools, planning and realizing training course, academic research and data analysis, distance learning and e-learning, evaluating and validating of education programs, innovative practices in education, ecologic, economic and social sustainable. The university has also, 106 laboratories, 23 studio (atelier) and 18 research centres and 49 student clubs that allow students to participate in social, cultural, scientific and sporting activities outside the classroom.

The objectives of the training policy are:

– To increase the number and variety of contributions to society.
– Increasing the number of students and academic staff serving the community.
– Increase the number of cooperation and partnerships with nearby social actors. – To increase the budget of the community service activities.

CONTINUING EDUCATION APPLICATION AND RESEARCH CENTER İstanbul Gelişim University Continuing Education, Application and Research Center (IGUCEC) focuses on lifelong education and professional life requirements. It provides modern and privileged education services with its modern, contemporary education and training environment that ensures academic and professional knowledge, by equipped, experienced instructors. Istanbul Gelişim University Continuing Education centre other than providing individuals to develop themselves and to specialize in business life; It also provides corporate training and consultancy services to institutions that want to adapt to the globalization environment. IGUCEC, which aims to offer individuals of all ages and professions important and useful high education for the society and provides certificate programs, workshops, conferences and seminars, scientific approaches in lifelong education activities according to the highest quality principle. İstanbul Gelişim University Continuous Education, Application and Research Center gives a different perspective to “sustainable education”, with its modern physical structure, technological equipment, expert staff, development centres, social and cultural fields.


The purpose of the IGU Department of Social Work is to train competent social workers who are qualified to carry out the necessary service practices for individuals, families and societies with various social problems. It aims to provide educational development of individuals who want to specialize in the field theoretically and practically and who are sensitive to social problems. The department demonstrates the power of social policies in preventing and solving social problems while helping to increase or correct competencies for the social functionality of individuals, families, groups and societies. The Department of Social Work implements a training program aimed at educating professionals who have the ability to integrate behavioral sciences, social work methods and techniques, and field practices within the framework of their professional responsibilities, perform successful studies at national and international levels, integrate and absorb the information required for social work, and train professionals.