Creativity with MBCT

Creativity with MBCT – Design Thinking and Individual Creativity with Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Economic and Social Crisis: A project for Supporting Women with Physical Disability and Female Caregivers of Disabled Person at Home

Nowadays, we are struggling with one of the biggest crises in human history in the last century, as we are going through a global epidemic. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had economic, sociological and psychological consequences that have severe effects on humanity. According to OECD studies, the world economy is predicted to shrink by at least 2.4% by the end of 2020, in the pandemic in which approximately 41,518,941 people were infected, and 1,136,848 people died. The ILO estimated that by the end of 2020, 5.3 million (low scenario) and 24.7 million (high scenario) people globally would be unemployed due to the epidemic. Besides, the fact that people are locked in their homes due to quarantine has created a basis for the emergence of mental health problems (neurological problems, extreme stress, anger and panic state, depression and panic attack) from different angles. 

Some groups with multiple disadvantages before the pandemic, with this pandemic, they faced many problems that are more difficult to deal with. In particular, the barriers that disabled people face during this pandemic period have doubled. While the social inclusion of disabled people in the standard period and their participation in production by employment (see Appx 2) was already difficult, the pandemic caused these individuals to be completely isolated from the society. Even unfortunately, due to their discriminatory mentality the double oppression against women with disabilities persists. 

The other most affected group is family members who have to take care of their disabled people. In the family where a disabled person lives, care is mostly undertaken by women in the home, and this obstructs women from participating in social life and employment (see Appx 2). This situation causes women to be more socio-economically dependent. Although women in this group do not have any physical disability, they are socially and economically disabled, and those with physical disabilities do not differ from women in accessing some opportunities in society. Both groups have a double disadvantage. Besides, we have to say that women in this group experience some mental health problems such as extreme stress, depression, anxiety disorder and chronic unhappiness. 

Therefore, the overall aim of this ‘Creativity with MBCT’ project is to create an environment that will help to eliminate the psychosocial and economic barriers experienced by both women with physical disabilities and female caregivers of person with disability at home. The project also aimed to increase their well-being by providing various opportunities to ensure economic freedom and potential development in there innovative creations and arts. Translating this potential into real values will contribute to the development of both individual and society as a whole and it increase inclusiveness and sustainability. 

The specific aims of the project
1.Helping to improve mental health status by means of psychosocial distress experienced by both women with physical disabilities and female caregivers of disabled individuals at home, especially during crisis periods, and to improve their well-being
2. Introduce new methods and innovative tools offered in adult education, in order to eliminating barriers to access creative education and enhancing the skills of the target group and thereby increasing their level of participation in income generative activites
3. Improving the design thinking skills and creativity of the target group, to encourage innovative production and marketing
4. Developing the knowledge and skills of the target audience on digital entrepreneurship
5. Contributing to the effective use of world resources and sustainability targets
6. Contributing to the smart, sustainable and inclusive economies of societies 

The objectives of the project
1. To asses the mental health status of women with disability and female care givers of person with disability and implement strategies to enhance mental health with Mind fullness cognitive therapy
2. To Establishing a digital education platform on design-oriented thinking and individual creativity structured with “mindfulness-based cognitive therapy” method, which is an innovative method, and teaching women to make innovative production
3.To create an ecosystem through a digital forum that enables women with disability and female caregiver of person with disability in order to encourage creativity and innovations among for sustainability
4. To impart entrepreneurial skills, which enhance the economic independence and social inclusion of target group
5. To Promote recycling awareness and sustainable livelihood practices 

The reason behind this ‘Creativity with MBCT’ project is that, the rate of contribution of output by women and youth are less due to unemployment in around the world especially in Europe and Turkey. This project will be a solution for their psychosocial and economic well-being with sustainable livelihood fact.