Beylikdüzü Belediyesi

Functions of municipalities may for convenience be categorized as mandatory and optional though the law makes no distinction. Land development, water and sewer, waste management, cemeteries and fire-fighting are mandatory functions of municipalities. It is the most important function of municipalities to make land development plans and supervise buildings in the cities. In Turkey, municipalities have the full authority to make and implement land development plans. It is a major function of the municipalities to build, maintain and repair urban roads, walkways, squares and parks. Metropolitan municipalities are in charge of roads of 12 meters or wider, large parks whereas district municipalities are in charge of smaller roads and parks.
Urban public transport is in the remit of municipalities, or metropolitan municipalities in the case of metropolises. Municipalities must first make a transport master plan that outlines the residential areas, business and logistics areas and main lines of transport. Public transport considerations are also marked on the transport master plan. Municipal services are not limited to land development, water and sewer, urban public transport, infrastructure, waste management and fire-fighting. Municipalities deliver many other services of local and common nature. Municipalities issue licenses to and inspect all work places within municipal boundaries. Cemeteries and funeral services are among the most important functions of municipalities. Services that are not mandatory but generally provided by municipalities include reducing poverty, education, culture and sports, social aid, skills and occupational training courses, home care for the poor and sick, construction and maintenance of state schools. Municipalities deploy the municipal police, an unarmed enforcement force, to discharge municipal duties. In addition, 1.732 personnel and around 100 interns are working within the municipality.